Thirsty World

Thirsty for power, success, to be loved, to be the best.
To get pissed, to forget regrets, but we seem to forget the rest.
The next lot with less where it ain't all bless,
thirst for water, health, to not be dominated in global chess.
The divides caressed, the borders a test of political stress,
a historical mess but they will never confess.

The free press will never stress the lands made to second guess.
Their struggle, they juggle
with poverty so obviously set up like monopoly,
a century game not set up properly, just look at the property.
Minority report, but it's reporting the majority.
What is the authority?
Not speaking metaphorically, just look at the people.
Cold, tired and feeble, derelict buildings, broken steeples,
an elected system so illegal, hunted by the eagles
with thirst for less corruption, less eye sores and destruction.
Hungry for production to quench our thirst for consumption.

Hemisphere disruption, eruption of inequality.
Widening in all honesty.
Who put the con in economy?

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