This may be the morning to which nothing may appear.
Off in the sky or near into an embodiment of water, it does dresses.
So surreptitiously at the darkest hour of the night;
till the still waters rest and thus vanishes from sight.

All the star watchers do view them with their fond
interstellar telescopes,
those stars do register off so many unknown names
Can one imagine an invisible abiding written epitaph on a
waveless oceanic of waters?

Mere mortals require an endless string of hope
Can you possibly acquire a whimsical tune?
Like an invisible string of hope being lifted up in the air.
Fleetingly dancing on a thin colorful feather so fair.

Is it stretched over an ocean to where all people?
Will sing a song of a cord with no ill-fated despair within?
For this may be the morning to which nothing may appear.

Written: Nov.14/2017
© Eve T.M. Carter

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Being such a nature person and have a love of watching into the galaxies with an interstellar telescope; I feel it broadens my mind and views of how much wide open space has kept us humans alive for so many centuries. I also appreciate the oceanic oceans that keep so many of our lands separated from each other.