By ari   


So cold
So empty
With no description but the void beneath
Floating in a sea without purpose
And I've lost my gravity.

No force to reconcile
No casualties to mark the tally
There are no answers for there are no questions.

And as I stare off into the void
With nothing more than bones and flesh
No fantasy to drown in
For you cannot rise
You can only fall.

Slowly drifting off into the inevitable
No color to be drained
No hope to be wasted
And surely this is it.

Behold the absence of it all
The true essence behind the myth
Without a single string to pull
Without a sleeve to hold the tricks.

Truth, truth
Nothing, nothing
Beyond measure
Beyond something.

Embrace the everlasting cold
With open arms and monotones
The shadow cast into the light
There is no day
There is no night.

Blank movement, shallow distance.

For this is how we finish
This is how we start
Before the end when we began
We see it fall apart.
Into nothing.
For there is nothing to call home
Yet no desire to do so.

Friction contracting
There are no more tactics
No more methods
No more madness.

A void without existence
The existential truth
No wounds to heal
No cuts to scab
No reward for coming here.

And oh it hits you like a feather
For there are no ropes to tether
To your lifeless body.
Boundlessly roaming without an anchor
And bound by no feelings
By no anger.

And there is no meaning
Nothing to believe in
A backwards drug
If drugs were redeeming
But is this not redemption?
Devoid of all feeling
It must be
It is.
Nothing, not nothing.

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This poem is about the absence of feeling. It is about losing all emotion and becoming completely numb.