This Block

This block in my mind, haunts my every decision
The fear in my thoughts making me lose control
The blood coursed through my veins is my only provision
Of wisdom reminding I still have a soul
These hopeful thoughts swarm me, rekindling soul with peace
As I search for this light's source I'm stopped by a wall
Then darkness comes storming from depths it was released
As I thought, it's over powering this light after all
I stumble and back-step escaping the danger
This storm of darkness is delivering to me
I see eyes in its dark depths within them is anger
Its own demon of sort, held in captivity
The darkness surrounds me, its smoked breath so hot
Distracting me long from the problem at hand
I gasp as I realize, my skin begins to rot
In awe, I am weakened, nearly defeated I stand
I raise my eyes I straighten my shoulders
Starring deep in those sockets so demonic they seem
This storm has worn me, I now feel much older
I look past the beast, in the distance, a beam!
Belief that within me rests a great power,
That has been locked away expected to never be found
I'm sure not to waste time, I'm judged by the hour
I will the beast back, in the light beam it's drowned

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