This Broken World

Into this broken world we go.
We settle into a punch that's thrown.
We thrash into a impoverish need.
We are overpowered by greed.
The aching sound of our starvation.
We are overtaken by a nation.
The man who got into his car.
Has ruined many lives so far.
Walking into a battle
the booming sound of the gun rattled.
The young girl with the crying baby,
Was left alone with only a maybe.
The sound of the judgmental lies.
We are left with only asking why?
The clothes she wears is not enough.
The hatred she sees is too much.
The huge war on drugs
this blood has stained our rugs.
Her fighting back is no use.
For her attacker used abuse.
As the intense hate builds up.
The bartender filled his seventh cup.
The animal locked up in a cage.
Trying to survive another day.
In this broken world we go.
When we will stop we won't ever know.

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