This cant be life

They want proficient, efficient, with paychecks that look insufficient. Wow what a story, when doing the right thing brings no glory. When doing the wrong things is viewed as being in the right category.
This can't be life when living life is a constant struggle just to live, when rich folks penny pinch and refuse to give. This can't be life, filled with struggles and strife's and the wrong people have everything nice.
This can't be life when speaking the truth gets you categorized as an enemy of the state when stepping foot back on American soil will seal your fate.
This can't be life when it always feels like a constant struggle and when the world feels like its crashing down on you, and now you have to dig up out of the rubble.
Tell me is this life or is this death, when your wondering maybe I should go be with the maker then praying for my next breath?.
This can't be life when marriage is attacked and frowned upon but short term relationships are hyped up like Jay Lo and Drake. This can't be life when they hate the real but love the fake.
This can't be life when it feels like the system works against you rather than for you and your feeling stuck in it all and they want you to fall instead of standing tall.
This can't be life when the two towers fell and created a scene straight out of hell. This can't be life when they take the pledge of allegiance away from our schools and instead of intelligent people running this country they replaced them with fools.
This can't be life I say it again this can't be life when will it end?.

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