This Character Called Trump

What a role he took on, this character called Trump,
with power to get us all crumbled and bumped.
Reactions flare, inner peace mute,
an emotional agitator, we agree, no dispute!

He’s the devil, the reformer, whatever you choose,
his ability to stir up reactions bemuse.
Something more revealing beneath the fray,
what may come out in the light of day.

Could he be a controversial, interesting spark,
a master revealer of what lies hidden in hearts?
Whiplashed from his rants, there’s more to this game.
We have the power to end this never-ending blame.

Not victims, helpless to prevailing whims,
no one has power over us when we own it within!
Freed from triggers, a higher consciousness of Being
opens up fresh vistas, new ways of seeing.

Anchored in peace, we move throughout our day,
wisdom guiding with responses to transcendent new ways.
No more reaction, we begin to bridge the gap,
awakened, we move beyond all this crap!

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