This Door Is Closed

The shadow of indifference creeps stealthily around the door
Hoping to gain entrance
But entrance is denied
Past memories with a boldness and desperation
They weep and beg to enter
Old hurts loll casually against the door
Hoping to threaten a strong reserve
And diminish a sense of self-worth; the door is invincible
Pride knocks at the door gently
But with an assured air of familiarity
It leaves with disdainful head held high
A stubborn will knocks against the desire to forgive
But the door is closed
Impatience restlessly drums its fingers against the door frame
It will not wait a moment longer
It haughtily leaves in a pink fog of aggravation
Intolerance and hate struggle against each other at the keyhole
And caustically whisper words of enmity
Bigotry brazenly attempts to turn the unyielding knob
With an obstinate stubbornness born of ignorance
It is sure of its powerful grasp
As it struggles against the immovable door
But this door is closed

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