This Flower

This Flower blooms and shines with every brush of sun rays
This Flower sprouted amidst three trees
The three trees fed the Flower with good shade
This flower grew up to imitate the trees
This flower developed the bark of the trees.

This Flower's peduncle is firmly fixed to the ground
Don't be carried away by the colourful petals of this Flower
for this Flower has a bittersweet nectar
This Flower has a stubborn core
This Flower looks fragile but it has a strong receptacle
This Flower looks beautiful but it's got thorns on its stem;
so be careful when you feel tempted to pluck it
But I say it is the Flower you'd probably never pluck.

This Flower has a pistil but doesn't have a stamen,
therefore, it is imperfect
But this Flower is a delight
Its fragrance is soothing to the nostrils
Its beauty is everlasting to the eyes
This Flower is ethereal.

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