This Frozen Moment

Who, ever hears, who, ever listens,
I know when I felt your presence.
A glance from tomorrow to this moment,
How time has already passed, frozen, click, rewind.
This beginning has shown the end, her heart racing,
Listening to every unheard word,
Who already imagined how such words tasted?
Her frown noticed, her eyes wide open, no movement, Just silence.
The heart knows who breaks, deceives, loves,
The worthiness of one's soul.
A look so dark, dull, uncared for, your hands shaky,
Your body restless, your movement still,
Yet no words just a stare.
As I locked into your eyes, I had seen a ghost,
As if you didn't even have a reflection.
As we walk together I feel your hand touch mine, your fingers sore,
Your palm sweating this night will be remembered.
How if only I could click, fast forward maybe to a different world,
Maybe I could stand still in the distance,
Hear the sun rising you would be there, but only different,
Where no memories ever existed, not one thing in our way,
We just lived,in this world we could be anything.
Where there's a future there's a life waiting for something.

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