This Generation

Darkness lies in those who desire power,

It dwells and waits for the time when it is needed.

The ones with power have no friends,

No one they can trust, but plenty they suspect.

The road to fame and fortune is the road to power,

Where it takes a strong mind, and an even tougher soul,

To succeed in the thoughts of others, and betray those most loyal.

Light still resides in those with darkness,

But the hurt and pain from those with darkness in their hearts,

Drives away the reassuring touch of the rising sun.

Power is where all pain stems from,

Where all the built up hurt is stored.

It is also the place where all legacies are created,

And remembered, followed, and taught.

The greatest gift of power is the creation of knowledge,

The gift to pass on the future,

And the gift of not knowing pain.

We, in this life, know the pain and burden,

To succeed and bring honor and glory.

It is a lonely life, and one we chose,

When we do have light inside of us,

But we do not have that to use.

The gift of light is one we give to the future,

In the hopes that pain and suffering will never be felt,

By the ones we love.

Our legacy is to be a part of the peace that is to come.

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