This House is Not a Home

This House is Not a Home
By: Jennifer Acree

Not everything is as it seems,
Not all smiles are real,
Not everyone has the gift,
To show what they truly feel.
At home she cries an ocean,
At school she shines like the sun,
Everyday is making her wonder,
Should she run?
She feels safe anywhere but home,
She writes to fill the holes,
But she doesn’t know anymore,
How much longer can she stay in control?
People call her crazy,
She hides in a long-sleeve shirt,
She really isn’t crazy,
She’s just truly hurt.
Now she sits and thinks,
Is this what she wants,
As she feels an empty space,
Where her sister is misplaced.
She will always keep fighting,
She’ll never make a sound,
Until her time comes,
And only then will she be buried in the ground.

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