This I Testify

This I Testify To You
When I was younger, I always said, "I cannot wait to turn eighteen," and I must say, that on the other side, the grass is not always more green.
At eighteen, I moved out; To me, this meant freedom without a doubt.
By the age of nineteen, I was a single mother; I was unhappy with myself, so quickly, I found a significant other.
Through this relationship, I was introduced to drugs, and I learned the lifestyle of thugs.
The guy that I was with, became my abuser, so in order to numb my pain, I became an IV user.
With every hit, the pain that I felt ceased; Therefore, my using increased.
Out of control, my life spun, and I got pregnant with my son.
My partner didn't stop the abuse, nor did we stop our drug use.
From Oxycotin to Subutex, my habit went; As a result, time in the NICU, my son spent.
My kids were not enough for me to stop; My habit I could not drop.
Due to the physical and drug abuse, that relationship ended; I knew that my heart needed mended.
More drugs were my answer, but they were also my cancer.
Drugs had became my master, and the next seven years of my life were a disaster.
My belongings and myself I sold; My heart turned ice cold.
I lied, cheated, and stole; You would've thought that I didn't have a soul.
I lost my rights as a mother, and I broke the hearts of my daughter and her brother.
I was homeless time-after-time; On drugs, I spent every dime.
In abusive relationships I stayed; In order to stay high, that was one of the many prices that I paid.
I would become tired and get clean, but only to return to being a hopeless dope fiend.
The cycle continued, until I was spiritually bankrupt; Mentally, I had became corrupt.
I hit a state of desperation, and I finally surrendered my will over to God, during my sixth incarceration.
Now, here I sit, with a year clean, and atlast I feel serene.
For all of you, who cannot wait to turn eighteen, don't wish your life away, and your parents, you need to obey.
Take it from me, a 4.0 student who turned into a junkie and a prostitute; Within yourself, God's values, you should constitute.
The lusts of the world, is where the path of rebellion will lead, and that is how Satan attempts to plant his seed.
Of Satan's strongholds, you need to be aware; I tell you this, because I care.
Satan can cause us to be deceived, but Jesus paid the price so that by sinners, God's grace can be received.
Please, don't wish your life away, take all of life's precious moments in, and don't get caught up in sin.
However, just know that if you do, there is always a way out; Call upon God, and he will help, without a doubt.
My path was chosen, so that this I could testify to you; You don't have to make the mistakes I made, and if I can be saved, you can too.

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