This is a poem about suicide

Let’s move to another town

Let’s walk away from the walls I’ve built and let’s let things be easier

Let’s drop the façade and cry with the strangers I’ll live with about the time when I ruined my own life by building the wall that I ran away from

And on some other drunken night, I’ll cry about the people we tried to use to get
over the infinitely growing wall

But hey,
at least we’ll be crying again. Feeling all the pain that we ran away from, but.

Let’s get into obscure hobbies to pretend we had nothing back there (back home)

Let’s build another wall facing north; impassable, unbreakable; until the hardship of wanting to pass it (to go home) becomes too much and then

Let’s move to another town

Let’s walk away from the wall we built to hide from the fact that there’s no helping someone who hides from problems constructed to have a sense of damaged self.

Let’s build another wall

Let’s build it high enough to see home, and look down at Denver, and surpass it

Let’s find the other side without a ladder back down.

Let’s find comfort where I will lay, and bleed

Let’s look up at this wall, and know:

no one else will be able to see me down here. This was my last wall. And I lay,
soaking the soil.

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