This Is Home

With the first steps from the cool comforting shadows
My bare and hungry skin laps up the summer sun
Its forgiving rays of yellow and gold thaw
The icy darkness I let stay with me
Replacing it with the childhood blue of the careless sky
And I am safe because this is home

With eyes still squinting from the sun
I lazily drag my bare toes through the soft grass
Each blade runs over smooth pink ridges of neglect
As bits of cold dark soil cling to my uncalloused soles
Everything is becoming familiar
Yet I think if my feet were a bit more worn
With a few more splinters, this soil might remember me
And I am comfortable because this is home

I gaze upon the field before me
The soybeans' leaves move like a sea of green
Wave after wave sliding across the infinite field
As a quaint symphony of kids and dogs at play,
Lawn mowers filling the air with the scent of freshly cut grass,
And a synchronized song of cicadas fill my ears
Outside this moment, the world could be crashing down
Yet I would not know
I would not care
For this is as close to serenity as I will get
And I am content because this is home

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