This is Just to Say That I’m Sorry

I should have warned you not to fall in love
But I could have sworn that my heart felt the same shove.
And I loathe each night knowing that I left your heart broken,
I know that I pulled you in deeper with each word spoken.
When we met you were a silly, clueless little boy
And the evil in me whispered to make you my little toy.
When I made your skin into my own type of pretty little plastic
I knew I had you trapped, I was overly ecstatic.

Deep in your eyes, I could tell you were attached
When I left I could tell that I left your pride far too scratched.
You just wanted a taste of my valuable time,
You never would’ve guessed to drown in my grime.

I have always found your heart to be quite artless
So it's not surprise you’d never expect me to be this heartless.
I know that you just wanted to see me care,
But I was only watching for you to choke on my stale air.

With me, you became so smite
Your love was something that only poets could write.
And now you’re drowning in the feeling of being lonely
Now knowing that you’ll never be my only.

So this is only to say
That it’d be smarter to look further into the display.
There will be others (like me) that will make you cry,
Because you found me so beautiful until you realized that I was the bad guy.

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I've never been good at apologies.