This Is Me

When the days stretch beyond their hours,
In the moment when a single extra second
Will crush the air from my lungs
And empty my words of all true meaning
That is the time for which I thrive.

In that glimpse of an instant,
My eyes wander to the things only I can see.
They look out upon a world in which I choose to be.

The sky is open to the soaring tern,
Every stroke of its wings,
A testament to life’s capabilities.
Blowing winds with mild hints of ecstasy,
Buoy its light feathered body.

Wakes of chilled water
Tug at me,
I am encircled by its cold embrace.
The slight tingling in my toes,
A sharp reminder of my humanity.
I am alive.

I am the deep green needles of the tree.
I am the ocean-smoothed rock on the beach.
This is me.

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