This Is My Goodbye

Goodbye was a word that never crossed my mind when I thought of you;
I realize now, there is nothing left for me to do.
If I were a color, I'd be the color blue-
If you knew what you meant to me, you were the half I wanted to be.
"We,"you and me, was all I could dream about.
I never had a doubt in my mind that you weren't mine.
When thinking of you, I am frozen in time.
Love's song, like a chime in the wind. I hoped the song never would end.
You were my godsend, the angel with a halo around your head
Whom I thought was sent to mend my once broken heart.
With all my tears and fears, I painted a painful work of art.
A forty foot climb to the top of Love's cliff, I slip and fall-
Once again it's a hit and miss.
I fall to the bottom.
My body weak, cut and bruised; the pain behind my eyes is fearsome.
The pain slowly kills me, like a high injection of venom.
My breaths are shortening, it's getting so hard to inhale.
Have I already let out my last exhale?
Inside I am dead, like the last chapter of my life has been read.
My eyes weep tears that are blood-red, wishing it was all misread.
Some words and feelings should've stayed buried and unsaid.
My heart hangs from a thin thread; its last beat pronounced it dead.
So go ahead, kick me till I can't stand to my knees.
I will no longer plead,"Please."
I wish I could push rewind and go back to my favorite time-
I wish to relive it again with my love that is still so blind.
Sick of seeing only the outlined, I will identify the unsigned.
Every night the lonely lullabies still dampen my tired eyes.

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