This Is My Wonderland

I don't think anyone would understand
If I told them about my Wonderland
In the morning the sun begins to rise
Ribbons of red, blue, and purple fill the skies
The trees are dead and bare
Not a single leaf on them anywhere
The limbs are covered with snow
But that's okay because I know
Eventually the sun will melt it all away
And a warm summer breeze makes the tree limbs sway
Leaves of every color sprout on the trees
A burst of color is just what this scene needs
It's afternoon now and it begins to rain
But that's okay because it's not to my disdain
Thunder crashes
Lightning flashes
I walk out into the storm
For me this is the norm
I smile and tilt up my face
Rain drops wash away my worries leaving no trace
The rain stops, the earth dries, and evening will follow
From the ground all around my flowers begin to grow
A field of white flowers begins to bloom
A sweet breeze makes them bend and swoon
The sun begins to sink
All I can do is watch and think
Watch as the sun burns color into the sky
Into my field of flowers I lie
The moon starts to ascend
The stars come out and I could count them to no end
The sweet sound of crickets fill the air
Into the night sky I stare
I feel totally at peace
Completely at ease
My eyes start to close
I'll fall asleep I suppose
When I awaken tomorrow; it will begin again
Only I can understand....why this is my Wonderland

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