This Is Not My Wonderland

I awaken in a field of ash
High above in the clouds I hear thunder clash
I slowly sit up and look around
My field of flowers are gone and I am dumbfound
The tree's leaves are black and devoid of colors
I stand up, look around, and shutters
What happened? I do not understand
This is not my Wonderland
I know my mind has been greatly depressed as of late
But I did not know it was in this state
I take a step and look at the ground
The ash gradually stirs up and floats around
I crouch down and push my hand into the earth
Sadly dust away the ashes hoping my flowers will suddenly sprout a rebirth
I sit and stare, feeling as if I'm going to cry
Overlooking around while still not understanding why
I lay back into my field of ash with a sad sigh
A single tear runs from my eye
Wiping it away while smearing my face with soot
Dropping my hands to my side, feeling something soft like a flower's root
Sitting up and glancing down
On my lips a small frown
In between my fingers sits a small green sapling
Right before my eyes it starts blooming
Above me thunder clashes once more and it begins to rain
It cleanses the ash until only muddy soil can remain
The clouds suddenly depart, the sun comes out
All around me, my grass and flowers begin to sprout
A smile appears on my face as I watch my trees grow leaves
They sway to and fro in the light gentle breeze
With a happy sigh
In my field I lie
As I up at my sky
All the while still wondering why
What happened to my Wonderland?
Maybe I will never fully understand......

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