This Is the End of You and Me

Tired of being confused and not knowing which path to take,
all the gripping starts as soon as we wake.
He wants to play mind games to make me think it's all my fault,
every day always ends with some kind of insult.
We both have a lot of growing up that needs to be done,
as I'm still young, my life has just begun.
The age difference might be the reason why we fight,
at least one of us will always try to ignite.
I really did think he was my one true love,
who can only answer that is the man up above.
Starting to think he loves making me cry,
he knows it gets to the point when I feel like I should die.
There isn't one day that goes by and there's not tears on my face,
the few good times me and him had, I will always embrace.
That is the last time I will allow him to put his hands on me,
no one should have to go through that and that I guarantee.
Each and every day he makes me feel lower than dirt,
not only emotionally but physically too, he hurt.
My heart still has some feelings that will always be there,
I know it's over for good and that we declare.

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