This is There and This is Now

Two peoples, one but two. One fate, rightfully two.
The faulter: The thief as he races by, one whom so want
this land. Paltry the thief, as he braces nigh, some
his doom so wanted tis errand. Two equals, one but two.
Should be fun mates, yes, politely politically two. You
he says, beadles none but you Subdue, Subdue. Few such
states, O you land, but frightfully you. Alter the thief
as he faces decry without doubt, one such land who
fumes, so avanted was their once self aware and true s-
elf command. Halter, the thief does, as he bases till
die on command, he brawns them whom tombs themselves
in; once just taunted twas their fair wealthy land. Wo
owed people by smoke of cannon and flash of gold pen
on handover documents, of a people now taken from their
independence. Twas sin none and few, one mistake right-
fully booed.

But Alas,

O, you land of orient, not forgotten, nor the great st-
rrugle and suckle therefore you. From you the thief st-
ole the mother from her grown child. From you we have a
leaf of dole, the fair feather, versus a nation of Mao.
From two we have a dove, a peace to come, the tear now
weathered, no longer just grown child.
Thus I say : Awaken and improve thy dwelling place.

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