This Is What Happy Looks Like

A cold breeze against my skin
A satin ribbon on my lips
Strong, firm hands grip my hips
Sweet nothings whispered down my neck
A warm body against my back
Tones hands caress my side
Muscled legs intertwined with mine
A swish of clothing as I'm spun around
Tickled with a kiss as I touch the ground
Across the carpet our feet do slide
And we fall on the bed side by side
We close our eyes as our lips collide
Gentle kisses grace my collarbone as I'm moved below
Heavy breathing coming in tow
Calloused hands brush my cheek
And we kick our shoes off our feet
Clothes sprinkle the floor like spattered rain
Almost as if they were worn in vain
Kisses planted, kisses stolen
Waves of adrenaline keep on rollin'
As our breathing lightens our eyes get heavy
Falling asleep under warm sheets
All tangled and wavy
Hearts stained with love like paint on a brush
As the sun fades on the horizon
We cuddled together passed out with love as fierce as a lion and....
This is what happy looks like

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