This is Where We Once Stood

The cold snow up to my aching knees
I look down to where we once stood
Memories just washing away in the rivers
It's tonight, I'll walk among the silent trees
Bleeding and quiet against the cold wood
Forgiveness in the countless tries and failures

Autumn has once again fallen behind us
The cold winters I face so lonesome
Lands bereft of verdure vivid, content life
I've bled and lost what was love and lust
Cold, dead roots rise from the gray stone
All I loved was lost in battles and strife

The crows fly from their snowy branches
Listen to them fly, singing in caw
It's like they speak and yell down to me
Mock my distance to the town's ranches
Shout at the wolves bloody, gaping maw
Nature's beast, please let me be free

But I sit by this stream of water running
Letting nature run around my body
Becoming ethereal and observant
I can feel the long silences coming
The silence grants me glorious disembody
Laying down by the river, among the plants
I remember the warm summer days
Where I sat with you right here
We listened to the calm of the wood
Watched the sunset in a gaze
We whispered words for the year
This is right where we once stood

Everything moves in such silence
Bleeding yet so warm, relaxing
Nature gives me total solitude
Escape from the world's violence
All the city's men warring, attacking
Away from the women so rude

Deepest breaths come in such altitude
The crushing and stretching of my heart
Trying to calm from red, crying eyes
Keeping from an erupting attitude
The woods are playing the best part
I'm trying to forget all of life's lying

It would take days to find my corpse
Out in this forest of complex lonesome
I bleed from my wrists and my legs
Far away from the city and it's ports
Lay here and forget life so loathsome
Die where we once stood and I begged

This spot right here, it's where we once stood...

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