This Love

I wake up from a daydream with my head inside my hands,
I look up at the people who will never understand,
Cause they talk about this love that I never seem to get,
And their one and only answer is, "You haven't found it yet."
They say this love is strong enough to hold you in the sky,
And hope that there's a better place than here after you die.
But the thing I'll never understand are the ones that they don't see.
The ones who've cried so many times, their eyes have learned to bleed.
I look up at the preacher so high behind his stand,
Pacing back and forth with a padlocked book in hand.
As he tells you all the secret code, you smile and say, "Amen."
But I feel like I'll never get a hint of it again.
They say this love is strong enough to light the shining sun,
And know that there is more than satisfaction when you're done.
So why can I not see it, why am I the only one?
I know the race begins after the finish line has come,
But when i feel the thrill of crossing, what then have I won?
A prize above all else, the source of all that's beautiful.
And I've finally found this shining light of love I'm sure to know.
Another fleeting silence, and I know I've gotten through,
So how can you still tell me it was me instead of you?
Maybe you'll try harder when it comes to saving life,
Because it's up to you and me to spread this shining light.
I know this love is great enough to save me from the deep.
And rescue me from monsters that invade me while I sleep.
I feel this love surrounding me as I open up my eyes,
Now it's my turn, they'll feel it too, just watch me as I shine.

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