This Man

He is a man from not long ago
With eyes as green as can be
He had a raw power, that could make you devour
The love he exudes with great ease

When he was around, he didn't make a sound
So people couldn't peak behind scenes,
He hid behind walls, no one ever dared to climb,
In fear they couldn't bare his demean,

He had many faces, he learned to wear well,
Including this one of defence
When someone got close, he then would dispose
Of all his happiness at an y expense

But this man was more than a man
He was pure love in a physical form
But he insisted his life, brought nothing but strife
Yet to me, he was a beautiful storm

I will stand by this broken man
All the years that I am alive
Because I love him so and I will help him grow
Into someone he can no longer despise

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