This Moment Called Now

A moment,a brief period of time, or some can last for a life.
Some you want to last forever and others you can't wait till they
end. Moment makes a sound,the tick than the tock of sometimes an
imaginary clock. Yet like that tic and tock, you can not get it back,
time will not reset and first moment feelings can never be re-felt.

New life comes in a moment in time and death in an instant. Words
spoken in hurtful anger, vows reached, the cry of a newborn infant,
the scream of grief, the look of love in a glance, the brush of a
strangers hand. The kiss from a child so gentle on your cheek, the
slap of anger struck to the face, the words I love you, forever, and
until we meet. Life is lived in these. Some will go on to last a
lifetime, some will end in defeat.

So now do you see what's so important about moments? The importance
of never missing a beat? Do you understand what it takes
to make them and never mind they may not be complete. For NOW is
that moment, for there may never come another! NOW is your chance to
never suffer regret! NOW is that tomorrow that you may never get the
chance to meet! Go create them, make them special and very unique.
Your children will thank you, your parents look forward to and for
your spouse or lover will make them feel complete. And you,
oh yes you! The heights they will take you, the healing it will
reap! You will feel like you can go on forever and never ever
accept defeat.

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