This Pain

I'm dying inside
Its aching
Its time to say goodbye
I know its not what we want
I think its time to say goodbye
Its for the best
I'm not Gonna be able to feel
The same or trust you the same
Its time to say goodbye to the pasted
There is no future
I'm in love with you
Its killing me to walk away
Its what's best for us
So confused and damaged
Its time to say goodbye to yesterday
I'm scared and lost
I want to feel okay
With you it seems perfect
I ain't sure if I should say this
But its time to say goodbye
I need to be strong
I'm scared imma hurt more
If I stay
I want you to fight for me
But do you want too
You say I'm worth it
But is it worth going through
The pain of not having it the same
I just want to put this blade to my arm
I don't want to feel this pain
I want to watch the blood drip down
I want to feel alive again
I'm lost without you
I don't feel alive
But its time to say goodbye
I wanna go on the edge
Wonder if you would catch me
Would you watch me fall
I wanna feel alive
Let me feel happy
Let me down down the edge
These thoughts keep coming
As the teas pour down my face
Looking in the mirror
Telling myself I'm worthless
As I watch the blood drip down
Wanna feel alive again
Its time to say goodbye
Couldn't forgive you for what you did
Thought it was my fault
It never was
You made me happy
Feeling like it was all a lie
Don't know what to believe anymore
Its time to say goodbye
Say goodbye to yesterday
For the longest time I wondered
If I would ever find true love
Thought I found it a few times
It was never like yours
Yours was true and real
So perfect is was unreal
Something bout you made
Me feel alive
Now your gone
I'm dying inside
Its time to say goodbye
Goodbye to what we use to have
All I need is you
It seems almost impossible
My heart breaks everyday
Not sure if I'm ready to leave
Not sure if its safe for me to stay
The trust is gone
The hurt is here
Don't know what's the truth
Don't know what's real with you
Tears feel like blood running down my face
Everything seems so dark
You were the sun shine to my storm
The lightening to my thunder
The last drink I would take to feel numb with this pain
I tell myself one more drink
I'll feel alive again
Back to the friend I call blade
He's unstoppable
He feels like my savor at times
Its time to say goodbye
Say goodbye to the aching pain
The love we once had won't ever
Be he same again
Seeing me with you scares me
Don't want to shed another tear
Don't want to feel this pain
When will it be true
Will it ever be real
This pain is killing me
The pain you don't understand
Act like you don't care but deep
Inside you care
Shed a tear for me
Act like you care
If I walked away
Would you fight for me
Give me reasons to love you

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