This Pain

I have this pain deep in my soul keeps on
growing and makes me look old.
I can't run from this pain or give it a name
it just seems to sit and linger in the recesses of my brain.
I look in the mirror to see it's face,
but I can't recognize the time or place,
the face is mine of that i'm sure,
but from where it comes I can't be sure.
I have this pain deep in my soul
would sell it to the devil truth be told
because this feeling got me looking old.
I can't shake this feeling, wish I could,
but it hangs around trying to be understood
and try as I might to figure it out
this feeling got me down and out.
I got me this pain deep in my soul
and no matter where I turn it demands to be told,
it clings to my being, it clings to my things
it just took on it's own life and stops me from being.
I can't really tell you about this pain,
it hides deep within the recesses of my brain,
the darkness it brings,
the sadness it creates is looking for release,
it's looking for a place.
I have this pain and I can't explain
because for 49 years it's called my name.

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