This perfect little princess

By T R B   

This perfect little princess no one sees her pain
The way she bottles it up inside she'll most likely go insane
But if someone reaches out to her and pulls her back to shore
Then maybe she could be the girl she was once before

This perfect little princess wants to grow up to be like me
If she only knows my life then she would change her mind
I wish people could only step in my shoes and see
But most importantly I wish I weren't even me

This perfect little princess thinks the only way to healing is by hurting herself or others
Help my child cries their mothers
Another child becomes a cutter
Sheding tears of many colors

A girl came in from the cold and shudders
Closes the windows closes the shutters
This princess sits and cries
As she hears the repeated lies
That the grass is greener on the other side
but she knows it's just a lie

this perfect little princess looks up to her father
she doesn't mean to be a bother
she lies awake all njight
wishing she too could fight
for her unalienable rights

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This Poems Story

it is about a girl who thinks she is a princess and thinks she is perfect but as far as her actions go she is not perfect and is far from a princess. I can relate to the perfect little princess's poem because A. I wrote it and B. I used to have some of her issues.