This Poem Is Not About Love

This poem is not about love, there is this boy who I've known forever, his mother was an alcoholic and a druggie who couldn't get better, so she left him in the streets, and all the people in the McDonald's parking lot could hear the pitter patter of his feet, his father is abusive and he tells his son "you see these hands boy I know how to use em." and this poem is not about love. and it seems that the boy will follow in the same footsteps as his father leaving his daughter with black and blue bruises and his wife, she don't know what to do with him but she tells her husband "put your hands on me, a shot gun, I know how to use one, and this poem is not about love, and his daughter doesn't know which way to turn if she turns left she will burn right she'll get killed and now she has to go and tell her father that in nine months she will have a baby that she wasn't willing to lay on her back and make, this poem is not about love, and that poor baby comes in the world alone, because the mother doesn't want to hold him because she knows that with one embrace, that one quick look at his face and she will be in love, this poem ain't about love, and this couple comes in and the woman has had so many miscarriages that she starts to believe that something is wrong with her, and her husband see that beautiful baby boy and it's like his world becomes filled with joy, this poem is not about love, the husband looks at his wife and and says baby this child is ours i can feel his heartbeat matching up with yours, and the nurse says the mother doesn't want the baby boy and the wife looks at the husband and says wit can make the boy ours and this poem is not about love, so the husband goes to the girl, and he asked her, he asked her can we have this child and he picks up the baby and smiles, this ain't about love, the girl looks at the man and says promise me this, that in my child's life abuse, drugs, alcohol won't exist and the wife drops nearly to both knees and she says i can promise you, i can promise this child this, this poem is not about love, this poem is about life.

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