This Road Less Travelled

When you see me what is it you see?
A tall lean woman who is strong and free
Can you really see all of me?
Do you see how it all came to be?
The road I chose is the road less travelled
Unwalked and unworn
The road less travelled has brought me peace
But this road less travelled has been rough and brutal
It’s brought me to my knees and made me bleed
The tears I’ve cried were felt so deep
I felt as if I could only sleep and try to escape past misery
But this road less travelled forced me forward
Quietly knowing the realities to come
This road less travelled has forced my eyes on the brokenness within me
Brought onto me by other who tore at my soul
This road less travelled brought me to a place to heal
This road less travelled has made me strong and free
So I ask again, when you see me what do you really see?

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