This Road

The road i've been down has been nothing but pain,
the tears that I shed, I shed them in vain,
The life that i've lived and the hurt that i've felt,
the way I grew up and the cards i've been delt.
I keep loosing myself, no matter which way I turn,
looking for answers, through the leasons i've learned.
Waisting away in this prison of life,
trying to deal with the pain and the strife.
Making a life out of nothing but crime,
loosing my family, my friends and my mind.
I fall to my knees and I start pray,
"Lord give me the strength and show me the way."
No matter how hard I try I fall flat on my face,
hopeing for sanity before my life is erased.
I keep asking myself, "what is life all about?"
I try to have faith, but have nothing but doubt.
Walking in shadows to hide all the pain,
hopeing to make it without going insain.
Here comes another road, now which way do I turn,
after all these years, i've finnaly learned,
there are no answers to life, only questions remain,
And if I keep down this road, things will never changed.
I'm at the end of this road, so I think i'll go strait.
Leaving behind the past, and testing my fate.
Now i'm out of the shadows and my future looks bright,
finnaly knowing what's wrong and what's right.
I'm takeing for granted the road up ahead,
fulfilling my dreams before I am dead.
Leaving behind, a past I regret,
because down this road, there's a better road yet.

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