This Room My Heart

I sit here in a room, with one window and no door;
escape from this place is like freedom to slave;
dry docked, ocean to me unknown; repairs forgotten.
I sit upon a chair, weak at the joints, it creaks with each move;
Lean forward and back more annoyance than pleasure it seems to prove.
Burdened with a sadness, that shadows my sight.
I can see no way out; darkness seems to be gravity upon life,
Pressed to the floor, the weight in my chest grows like roots.
No love within this room, just pain is all that lives;
happiness is merely a myth or legend that the mind hides.
I touch the walls, I feel the rooms' tears puddle upon the floor.
Escape from this room, I no not will come to past;
the light I see dims, once bright, fades with each moment.
I know not true happiness unless it's brought through the grave.
Loneliness seems to be my only true companion;
abandoned by those, this room my heart.

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