This suitcase of baggage

In the depths of my mind i am the suitcase fully packed of things not typical clothing and Shit but packed full of hurt and overflowing with pain and anger and i carry it everywhere i go this suitcase has travelled miles state country to country its beaten up and demolished almost useless its shoved around and droppedand slammed its an object that helps me yet kills me everyday it never lets me be free i carry it everywhere with me its all i have left its this object in which i cant ever live without it made me who i am but its filled me with doubt. As the lock is released so is all the reminders of what i have endured wherever i go i pick up something new and i shove it away and bring it along its a reminder of the shit i cant leave behind its like a drug deep in my veins it brings me nothing but pain. I have lost and i have gained nothing stays the same. But lord do i have this baggage bagagge of the past that i try si hard to let go of baggage of losing and than trying to remain strong its a fucjing struggle to feel like you belong. I hide it all away but its all gonna come and hit you one day and once it hits and you open that suitcase its like the poison turns youe heart black you try to find peace but there aint none of that just the reminders of all that you got. Shit supoosed to make you stronger ive never felt so weak  and you got to keep goinf and you cant give up and you got to pretend youre free but no one knows what lies in the depths of this mind this suitcase full broken promises and broken hearts its a shame to feel this overloaded its so heavy and my mind is so gone from all this baggage.

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