This Thing Called Love

What started with a simple question has led me to a place I dare not speak.
Scary to think that in less than a week, this thing called love is starting to peak
Damn right I’m afraid
Because with this woman I have not laid nor played nor held her hand nor kissed her lips
But she already has me like this.
I’m so used to being in control, so used to emotional stability
How has this woman already infiltrated my serenity?
How has she opened my blind eyes and only allowed them to focus on her?
How have we connected without connecting, how did this occur?
This thing called love is unexplainable so I know my questions will be unresolved.
So being aware I’m prepared to give her more than my all.
I’m diving off the deep end, head first with no air.
Hoping once I reach the bottom, she too will be there.
Letting go of all insecurities and doubt, even throwing that old black book out.
No distractions, just focused on playing this thing out.
Focused on the possibility of sleeping and waking up knowing she’s there.
The possibility of kissing her till she melts on my lips.
The possibility of her on top of me while I’m grasping her hips
The possibility of learning her spots and touching them all
The possibility of her needing someone and I’m the one she calls.
But truth be told, she’s spoken for.
But I can’t ignore that she is visually the queen I’ve been looking for.
Only thing left is to find out where her mind rests.
Is she superficial, spiritual, or typical?
Can we connect on a mental, physical, or mentally physical?
Lord knows I’m hoping for the two.
To connect mentally and physically with you

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