This war that rages

Children are scared, adults are hiding,
This war that rages, we are all fighting.
Broken familes, tired men,
Fighting for the right to redeem our sin.
The falls we take, the history,
Is playing over on repeat.
Men fall over cuts and bruises,
One wins, but one always looses.
The pain we suffer, it has its cost,
The tides have changed, more men are lost.
Camoflage no longer hides,
The men standing side by side.
Bullets bounce, shelters torn,
The risk they take has its thorn.
Torn in half, caked in mud,
Bodies dropping with a thud.
No way out, no way home,
The road they walk must be alone.
Working together, brothers till death,
Fighting on until nothing is left.
This is the risk that they take for us,
Thousands hurting, others crushed.
We ask to much for those who fight,
They come back home without their light.
Always on edge, always protecting,
Yet they have no-one they can let in.
No-one to talk about friends they have lost,
No-one to tell the price this has cost.
Their own lives changed from the day,
They walk back home and have nothing to say.

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