This way

How can we go back,
to a time our love was new?
Fireworks echoed our kisses,
and before anything had happened between me and you.
When you took it all away,
all the built up scars and pain,
you made me realize,
in life, maybe I had something to gain.
Piece by piece
you tore down my wall.
Time and time again,
you showed me you'd catch me every time I fall.
You can't teach a corpse to walk,
but somehow you did.
You taught me to laugh and live and love,
and that was everything I hid.
Angry that you broke my walls,
that you managed to get inside,
I defended myself by hurting you,
scared, I wanted to hide.
Years of the punishment and blame,
was all you could take.
You walked away,
leaving me to ache.
I missed you every day,
I felt so hollow.
Losing you,
was the toughest pill I've had to swallow.
Our happiest memories filled me,
every single night.
I could never sleep,
but time finally ended that fight.
I miss you less often,
but the pain lingers-still.
Sometimes I worry,
that it always will.

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