This World today

I'm lost for words
My mind is in a daze
Once again my heart is on the floor
Sometimes I hate having heart cause all it gets it gets is ripped apart...
Sometimes I hate being a woman because we sacrifice more then any other man on this God forsaken earth.
This generation today is so messed up
I wish to God that they wake up.
Some of us want true love but it's hard find when living a lie
All We Do is abuse one another instead of being one together.
My heart weeps for these kids dying in the streets.
Especially those lustful loners who creep under the sheets.
It's OK we all want a thill ride from time to time but sooner or later you get tired of being in the dark.
Step into the light young boy step in young girl
Don't be ashamed cause we all have to face the truth one day.
This world today is so Focus on what we want instead of what we need.
This world is so robotically programed to we can't seem to think for ourselves.
This world today say they want the truth but really wanna hear lie.
This world today..... Smh

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