Thomas Meehan

A Stroll for Sea Glass

As I stroll along the beach I see something glimmer in the sand
I walk over to it and pick it up with my hand
as I hold it up to the sun the true color starts to shine
I look to see if it was dropped, no one it's mine
I take a deep breath and watch as waves crash on the bay
I gaze around at the beautiful site and keep going on my way
I rest near a rock and refresh myself in a warm tide pool like puddle
I see a group of sandpipers scurry then stop and huddle
keep walking as the sun warms my back
seagulls call as they find a tasty snack
as the weather heats up I gaze at the picture perfect sky
but then a relaxing summer breeze blows and I happily sigh
as I take another step onto the perfect soft sand I see I have hammock sway
I stare at the beautiful aqua colored ocean...
"it's been another warm beautiful perfect summer day!"

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