thorazine blues

thorazine at night, millirill at day, seems to make my time simply slip away,
if I get my meds on time, the proper dose i'm sure,
thorazine and millrill my sickness it will cure.

but if you slip just once or twice, and interrupt the plan,
you can become the very next victim, of the psychopathic man.
now this is my story, it's one I know quite well,
and if you'll be just a little bit patient patients the rest of it i'll tell.

I've weaved many a basket, been in padded cells.
but my doctor still proclaims, that some day I'll be well.
but here I am again on a mental unit ward, and thorazine and millirill,
are all the drugs that I can score
, thorazine at night millirill at day,seems to make my time just simply slip awayyyyyyyyyyy.....

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This Poems Story

for over forty seven years I have been treated with large amounts of thorazine and millirill and other psyithorpic drugs with the promises,that they would make me better, and all they did was make me a zombie. when I quit all meds a year and a half ago my diagnosis was bipolar disorder with psychotic features, since I quit the meds I haven't had any episodes....