am I really that worthless
to where every nigga I've been with never tried the hardest
to show me that I was different from the rest
took me 23 years to put shit into perspective
that my parents should've used a contraceptive
cause I'm just another waste of human life
never washable to get shit right
just a failure
like with a man or a boy
let 'em use me and abuse me like a toy
and I feel like I take it out on my daughter
lord forgive me she was supposed to be a blessing
and she still is just give me away I can get over this
I don't want anybody who is embarrassed of me or still stuck in the past
be grown about your shit, do you really this to last
but I'm crazy, yeah I'm tripping oh I'm extra no I'm slipping
I'm tired of crying
I got everything but I'm still dying
I hate seeing from eyes
all I see is people judging me
I just want to be happy
with a nice house, nice cars and normal family

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