Thorn on a rose

Sometimes people are toxic and sometimes you are the toxic one words once spoken can not be undone. Ashamed of thoughts running through my brain are ones to refrain from. Emotions over powering logic as venom shoots out stricking once again I wish I could obtain the strength to quit. I only want to make ammends to heal the broken that I broke because of my brokeness. I'm nothing more than a thorn on a rose awaiting my next victim. I can not depict this picture much clearer I am deadly yet, deathly afraid to lose you. What more can I do when I am the cause,conflict and reason. Demeaning your demeanor I feature so much about positivity I am only a walking paradox of such. In fact I flushed the meaning down the drain now I'll never be the same. I love you enough for you to leave before I am a stain you never asked to receive, and you wear brokenness on your sleeve.. I refuse to claim another victim to my own faults

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