Thorns on a Rose

Ouch! Why is that even there?
Prickly and pointy, is it pointless?
Must mean that every beautiful thing has flaws!
Or does it mean that every beautiful thing must be protected?
Caressing is out of the question!
So call it what you want and it will still be what it is.
A rose is what you are!
Beautiful and radiant, but you protect yourself so that no one can truly hold your charms.
Who forced you to grow those thorns around what you should keep warm?
Keeping the distance just enough not to stray.
Don't go away or hide, I'll go slow and stay by your side!
Let's keep progressing so that it feels like a ride and not a tide that comes and goes.
Interest will be lost and that window will be shut forever closed!
Words need to said so that there will not be any tears shed over a heart that was misled!
That bud will not bloom and your heart will be forever doomed and left to ponder on the what ifs!
Let's open up that window and let the light shine in!
Bloom, bud bloom!
Protect yourself as long as you are willing to protect me too!

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This Poems Story

This is about a broken heart that hasn't healed. The heart has put up a wall and someone has come along and questions its existence and wants to be let inside of those walls.