Those Girls

How I envy Those Girls;
The ones with thick black or blond lustrous curls.
The ones with big brown eyes and a perfect nose;
They are popular wherever they go.
They wave and say ‘Hi!’;
And everyone smiles and ‘Oohs!’ and ‘Ahhs!’
Their teachers love them;
They get perfect grades at school.
They’re surrounded by a horde of friends;
All clambering for their attention.
The girls all want to be their friends;
The boys all rush to open doors.
They have millions of online followers;
Media is their life.
Their life seems so perfect;
Without any strife.
Then here I am;
Just a little Asian.
My hair;
‘Oh soo flat!’
My nose…;
(What a disgrace!)
My eyes are so small;
They have to prop them open with a toothpick at the eye doctor. (not really)
I wave and say ‘Hi!’
Everyone just stares.
I’m just an ordinary student,
With ordinary student grades.
I don’t have many friends;
I live underneath a rock.
They say my sister’s perfect;
I try to ignore that kind of talk.
All the girls want to avoid me;
All the boys think I’m strange.
I have no electronics;
(Unless you count my clock and music player)
My family life is better,
Than what most people have.
But still, we have our differences,
Like other families have.
Thinking about the differences;
Comparing what we have,
I see the real truths,
Of those other girls lives.
They wake up every morning;
Stressed to look their best.
With one wrong look or one wrong act;
Their social life is dead.
All their friends are fickle;
They’ll all walk out the door.
If only just a hint;
Of their wild side comes out.
Their reputation is paramount;
Their looks are just the same.
They starve themselves half to death;
Just to look like a model.
Their family life’s unhappy;
Just to say the least.
Their parents are always arguing;
Their relationship is an unhappy mess.
Boyfriends they compare;
Media life they contest.
They never are happy,
With being not the best.
They aren’t truly happy;
They never can be,
Unless they let go of all that;
For an ordinary student’s life.
My mother always says,
‘You can’t have your cake and eat it too.’
I know that’s very true;
My life is not that blue.
In fact, it’s very colorful;
With different shades and hues.
With people of different personalities;
Life cannot be boring.
My friends all stick by me;
Through the good and bad times.
They all know my good side;
They’ve all seen my bad.
My family's never let me down;
My sister’s very kind.
She may not be an angel;
But I’m proud to call her mine.
Contemplating these things;
Wondering if it’s true,
I suddenly come to realize;
These are all I could ever want.
A place that makes me feel safe;
A place to call my home.
Real friends to support me;
A family of my own.
The longer that I think about it;
The surer I become.
Those stereotypical, perfect, lovely, beautiful teenagers with black and blond curls;
How I DON’T envy Those Girls.

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