Those Street People’s Stories

This goes to the woman
Who lives behind closed doors
And she's wearing a blanket that's thin
Because her body is the store
People grin and stare from miles
Their looks filled with disgust
And this is why she's dying
She has nobody to trust
Because her baby's with the grandma
Who lives in a room of ten
Though it's like a box, it works
It's that helping hand to lend
You'll see these people full of smiles
Because their house used to be the stairs
And although dad is out working
His side job is with the bears
Those scary men with guns
Is what happens when the job fails
If it doesn't lead to that
He's doing time without the bails
You see, mother worked all day
She gave all she had to give
But since she didn't have her papers
They cheated her income for her to live
And if you happened to give these people
A look of discomfort or sudden shame
Know that everyone has a story
Our faults are not to blame

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