Thought Sonnetification


Presented herein This gathering of inner rants
Ornamental lexical scrimshaw; once bright And verbose
Written with Luster For the betterment& enhance-
Ment; Of intertwining This written utterance Into something grandiose

A couple of thoughts; Cleaved by one line
Bespeckled with dreamt meanings; my fate of verbiage
Reaving the mental ore the lode; a copious goldmine
For each consecutive stanza is the Poeter’s carriage

To drive & transport the deep thoughtful approach
To paint with declarations; Not with the fluidity of pigments
To concoct & coin new terms hand over fist& hence to broach
And use the Poeter’s vocation; as if each one, an instrument
Each word & phrase be my fodder; Ruling out proper grammar
From the depthless inkwell; an undipped pen; my fervent word hammer.

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