Thoughts are endless trains.
Rattled by our brains.
They shake along the curves.
Some, they seem absurd.

We have [so] much to gain,
From all that does remain.
Like a hidden riddle,
To find it, we must fiddle.

We may fall or feign,
Carpets, we may stain.
Carpets of new minds,
With blood of many kinds.

Our blood’ll come as rain,
It’ll be their bane.
To end this all real soon,
We must stay from light to moon[light].

To have our sorrows slain,
That's how we keep sane.
We listen to their rule,
For, they can be quite cruel.

Detach us from these chains,
We will love in twains.
We're not all so gullible,
Even when our lives are dull.

End your reign,
It's brought us pain,
That we do confess.

We now strain,
We're in vain,
Please do end this mess.

Keep your thoughts among you: ane.
Keep them, don't you let them drain.
They shall not again deplete,
To keep the others on their feet.

A brain can cause us misery.
Will you please listen? To me
This is a burden that we shouldn't bare.
End the pain and suffering; stop, ‘cause I don't care.

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