I stare at the ceiling and see the large
crack that stretches end to end,
Like the night sky with
Tiny dots spread around.
I start to think and I find my reality is erased.
I start losing what I thought I knew, becoming one
With my dreams, in the abyss of my mind,
Sailing in the ocean of thought.

The waters hold the good and bad parts of myself.
The parts that prosper and the parts that hide.
The parts that smile and the parts that lie.
The parts that are accepted,
And parts the world doesn't want to see.
All that is my true being.

I see a girl under the water,
I watch her as if the water was a giant screen.
She searches for a place to take her last rest.
A place that's peaceful.
Where the tree's sway at the winds call.
Where the animals sing when the sun falls.
Where she can lay down softly
Against the large tree and soft ground.
Finally escaping this harsh reality.

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