Writing is drowning my anxiety, giving me back my sanity,
Filling me with pride and dignity, overcoming my reality,
Eliminating my insecurities,

Giving a commoner like me, the out-of-this-world ability,
To create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, a shelter at the least,

Just one word, one phrase, can change the rest of your days,
Expression, emotion, a dramatic applause,
All within a group, a class, a clause,

Aren't we blessed? Our ancestors didn't rest,
Until injustice ended, They never pretended,
They gave us opportunity, Impacting us, our history,

Preachers preach, and teachers teach,
But you control your brain,whether intelligent or insane,

Who will you become? You daughters and sons,
Will you ever change? Or is ignorance the new plague?
Haunting us for the rest of our days?

We all have the power to write, The power to learn, to fight,
We all have the right to creativity, We all have the capability,

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